Medicine vs. Surgery

Has anybody else ever noticed the difference between medical doctors and surgeons, or is it just me?  If I had to put them in a boxing ring it would be like watching Woody Allen vs. The Rock.  Why is it that most surgeons keep themselves fit, stand tall, and exude confidence, while their medical counterparts appear a littler rounder, stand a little shorter, and secrete a schmear of smarminess?

I wonder what kind of split happens in medical school that leads one to the operating room and the other to the patient room.  Is it like high school all over again?  The jocks vs the nerds?  Or perhaps it’s more sophisticated than that, a secret initiation that we’re not privy to?

All the years I’ve been nursing I can’t help but see this glaring difference.  I know, I know, not all surgeons are hot and not all medicine men are tools.  But on the average…

When I’m in a code there’s nothing sexier than a hot surgeon in form-fitting scrubs coming to the rescue with his adept hands, slipping that central line right where it needs to be; unlike the medical doc’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd repeated failed attempts to penetrate the right vessel.

Nobody likes sloppy attempts at penetration, NOBODY!

So, though I may be biased and a little sexist, if I had to bet on Woody Allen M.D. vs. The Rock M.D., my money clearly rests on The Rock!

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