Wednesday’s Weakest Link

Weak Link by Jean James

Weak Link by Jean James

Was I crazy enough to think that swimming on vacation with my kids was exercise?  I must have been tipping back one too many Corona’s!  After I got back from my mini vaca with the kids, I headed out for a run on my trail…the trail of tears that is.  I hadn’t run in four days; doesn’t sound like much does it?  Well four days for me may well have been four months.  I was short of breath going up my first hill, I almost had to stop (almost).  Then my knees started complaining, can you believe the nerve of them?  All that resistance free-swimming made them lazy, and cranky.

But I managed to push through and complete a three-mile run.  Not great, but not too shabby either.

Yesterday I decided to go for a night run.  No, I’m not one of those kooks trying to live dangerously, but I’ll probably have to run at night during Hood to Coast so I wanted to see how it felt.  I bought these reflective suspenders to keep me from getting hit by a car, or a deer, and headed out into the dusk.  I ran on the street to simulate my future run in Oregon, and while I was out running four long miles in the dark, alone, my husband was more than happy to take everyone else out for ice cream.  Ice cream is on the recovery food list right?  Anyway, I managed to complete the first half of the run in the early dusk, and the second half in complete darkness.  (Note to self: when running in the dark bring a flashlight dummy!!).

I made it home safe and sound, thank goodness, took a hot shower, settled in with the hubby to watch a little T.V. and enjoyed a nice cup of chocolate chip mint rocky road recovery runners ice cream.   Sooooo good!!

Happy Running!

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