Wednesday’s Weakest Link

Weak Link by Jean James

Weak Link by Jean James

Forgive me trail for I have sinned. it has been one week since my last running session.  It’s 30 days to race time, and I’m so behind schedule.  Trying to find time for a run this past week has been next to impossible, and I fear I will pay for my slacker behavior.  Damn those three kids, weekly camps, job, and P.M.S.; a perfect storm of tired and I got sucked right into the eye.  I’m not sure how a week slipped past and I only made it to the trail once.  On the bright side, I did manage to get that chocolate bar I was complaining about last week.

Along with some advice I got on my last article, I’ve also been watching all the olympic prep this week, and twice in one week Quinoa (pronounced Kin-wa)was mentioned, so I’ve decided to throw it into my diet.  It’s a grain containing amino acids, lysine, calcium, phosphorus and iron, and is closely related to the tumbleweed.  And since I’ve been feeling a bit like a tumbleweed myself lately, this might just be the perfect food for me.

This week I’ve decided to kick it up a notch and make a running schedule and more importantly, stick to it.  Maybe this way I’ll manage to run more than once a week.  And since I’ve booked my flight to Oregon, there’s really no turning back.

So wish me luck in achieving my goals this week.  Any motivational advice would always be appreciated.

Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weakest Link

  1. The trail will forgive you! Forgive yourself and focus on now — that’s my advice. The week lost won’t ruin you!! You’ll do it! Hood to Coast will be awesome and you will run with everything you need and have fun doing it!! When you get to Seaside you’ll know you’re awesome, even if you are a little smelly. . . . Good luck with the Quinoa. I can’t stomach it. Maybe if you find a recipie that tastes good you can share it! 🙂 I know its good for me, but every time I eat it it tastes like dirt. Here’s to a perfect week in training — hoping the kids, camps, job and pms let it happen (lord knows my kids, job and pms have a tendency to get in my way!) Have a great week!

    • Thank you for the ‘fatherly’ advice. I’ll try and put my culinary school education to good use to jazz up the dirt flavored quinoa. Nothing a little butter, salt, and seared foie grass can’t fix.

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