Open Letter to NY Governor Hochul

Dear Governor Hochul,

My name is Jean MSN, RN, CPAN. I am a registered nurse with 33 years of clinical, research, and academic experience. I am well-read in scientific literature and understand deeply the concept of informed consent. On Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 I was fired from my nursing position in NY in violation of my right to informed consent regarding taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Your continuation of former, disgraced Governor Cuomo’s mandate that all healthcare workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, or be terminated from their positions is a violation of my right to informed consent. Your willingness to replace NY state healthcare workers with the National Guard or foreign healthcare workers is an absolute disgrace. The current scientific literature does not support this mandate, as there are NO long-term data studies to defend the safety of the current COVID-19 vaccines available. As a NY state resident, taxpayer, and licensed professional I am formally requesting that you cease and desist from this unconstitutional vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

In closing, as you smugly position yourself in front of the cameras vilifying the very healthcare workers who tirelessly cared for COVID-19 patients with no vaccine, limited PPE, and fear of dying or spreading this disease to their families, you stayed safe inside, protected in the comfort of your home, using zoom to remotely meet with your peers. 

Just remember as you stand cocked on your dais, with your ambition and ego oozing from your pores, as you verbally assault us with the notion that we are all replaceable, I might remind you that the position you hold, that you inherited as a result of the venality of your predecessor, is equally as replaceable.