The Hairbag Poet-“Ephemeral Friends”

Hi and welcome to my Friday series The Hairbag Poet.

You can read about the history of this series here. 

In the blogging world Fridays are known as Poetry Friday. You can read about Poetry Friday here.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading about different types of poetry terms and forms. Since I am The Hairbag Poet, I realize I may like to write poetry, but I have a lot to learn about poetry, and trust me there is a lot to learn!  Todays poem, I think, fits the form of an Epigram.

According to “An epigram is a short, pithy saying, usually in verse, often with a quick, satirical twist at the end. The subject is usually a single thought or event. The word “epigram” comes from the Greek epigraphein, meaning “to write on, inscribe,” and originally referred to the inscriptions written on stone monuments in ancient Greece. The first-century epigrams of the Roman poet Martial became the model for the modern epigram.”

I hope you enjoy these posts. Thanks for stopping by and reading, and please feel free to post your own poetry in the comments if you feel inspired by the photographs. I always love reading other peoples perspective on “art”.

The Hairbag Poet


Photo by Donald titled “Scrub brush with a Leaf”. He comments, “I think it speaks for itself!!!”

Who says scrub brushes and leaves can’t be friends?
The Wind?
Damn him!

3 thoughts on “The Hairbag Poet-“Ephemeral Friends”

    • They are fun to try because of the twist at the end. It reminds me of having the wittiest last word. Of course I can never think of something to say until the moment has passed.

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